Alan Steinfeld is an author, filmmaker, lecturer, event producer and interviewer. He has spent over 30 years investigating all aspects of consciousness from the rituals of India and the crop circles in England to the Extraterrestrial UFO phenomena now sweeping the planet.  He stands as a distinguished voice in the field of metaphysics, scientific inquiry, and the enigmatic domain of paranormal investigations.

The initial platform for spreading his accumulated knowledge was the foundation of the media portal, New Realities in the mid-1990’s.  Alan was host and producer of this award-winning television series, which first appeared on Manhattan cable (MNN).  As a vibrant alternative to the mainstream, and now a preeminent channel on YouTube, NewRealities, is the ‘go-to’ channel for showcasing pioneering voices on contemporary spirituality and conscious evolution. As one of the first creators of content for the platform, it has garnered over 25 million views and 82,000+ subscribers. These dialogues are with experts in the mind, body, consciousness movement, music, sound healing and the arts. They feature such evolutionary leaders as Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Bruce Lipton, Lynne McTaggart, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Gregg Braden, visionary artist Alex Grey and over 2,500 additional interviews in the channel’s archives. Each conversation offers insights and discoveries as a thread in the fabric of a shifting cultural tapestry. Now available to audiences worldwide at:

Beyond his acclaimed media presence, Alan’s literary forays have deeply etched his name into the annals of the esoteric and metaphysical canon of our time. His most recent literary feat, “Making Contact: Preparing for the New Realities of Extraterrestrial Existence,” published by St. Martin’s Press, in 2021, debuted as the #1 bestseller on Amazon in its field of study, in print, audio, and e-book formats. Recently acquired for the Spanish speaking world by AlphaOmega Press, “En Contacto,” like the English version dives into the deepening mystery of the UFO narrative and extraterrestrial phenomena — themes now resonating within the halls of the US Congress. Alan curated this compendium of the best and brightest thinkers and experiencers in the field. The work received high praise from many colleagues including Jacques Vallee, Erwin Lazslo, and Deepak Chopra and it won the Conscious Life Book Awards in 2023. Publisher’s Weekly called it: “Stimulating… Those curious about the possibilities of extraterrestrial contact should take note.”   His previous book “Careers in Alternative Medicine,” also achieved high marks for being a seminal text on holistic health therapies, now in its third printing from Rosen Publishing.

Steinfeld’s expertise is not limited to the printed page; his journalistic endeavors include articles for esteemed publications in the New York Sun, New Life Magazine, The Golden Thread Magazine, and the American Book Review.  As a revered expert on consciousness, arts, UFOs and the paranormal, Steinfeld has graced the airwaves on such programs as “Coast to Coast AM” with George Noory (three times), Jimmy Church’s “Fade to Black,” WBAI’s Katherine Davis’ “Heart of Mind Radio” and a multitude of other podcasts, radio shows, and television interviews.

In the cinematic sphere, Alan directed the short narrative film, “Never Wear A Dead Man’s Shoes” starring Domenica Scorsese. It captivated audiences at film festivals by blending humor with profound spiritual wisdom. His documentary “A Walking Tour of the East Village” earned high accolades with a week-long screening at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. The work chronicles the zeitgeist of the iconic 1980’s era of New York’s trendy-arts and fashion community of the East Village, spotlighting public figures as Allen Ginsberg and Ann Magnuson along with other local heroes. By weaving a visual ode to the fading art scene as it came up against the gritty gentrification of a city in transition “the film makes a statement about the importance of the arts as a means for keeping humanity alive in an urban setting.” The showing at MOMA took place alongside the distinguished works of established East Village artists such as Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Kenny Scharf.

An earlier compliment to the museum showing was Alan’s exhibition of his special brand of multidimensional photography from the 1980’s era. A retrospective of his work at the Courthouse Gallery at the Film Anthology Archive under the discerning eye of its legendary curator, Jonas Mekas, displayed his tribute to the neighborhood that incubated his creative skills. The exposition titled “Can You Tell the Dreamer from the Dream,” took viewers on a visual odyssey through the soul of the city. His imagery represented a timeless sense of being enshrined in portraiture of such cultural deities as Mick Jagger, Andy Warhol, and Nina Hagen against the backdrop of a multi-layered imagery.  His creative lens captured the essence of “place and presence” exemplified through his unique stylized artistry. Complimenting his active visual contributions, Steinfeld shepherded two seminal UFO documentary films to the screen as Executive Producer. The acclaimed features “The Hidden Hand” by James Carman and “Calling All Earthlings” by Jonathan Berman, detail different aspects of the enigmatic and enduring mystery of the extraterrestrial phenomena.

As an event producer, in 2006 Alan was the first person to bring Masuru Emoto to New York City in a gathering called The Water Forum with 800 people attendance. In 2010 he organized and hosted The Crystal Skull 10:10:10 Celebration, the largest gathering of skull keepers to ever come together in New York city. This also featured Mayan elders, such as the legendary Mayan day-keeper Humatz Men.  From 2008 – 2012, he hosted and produced events with some of the most famous channelers of spiritual beings of our time. Bringing JZ Knight channeling Ramtha the Enlightened One, Darryl Anka channel for Bashar the Essassani and Paul Selig and the Guides, to New York City audiences. From 2012 -2017, he organized a series of panel discussion at the Meta Center NY about pressing metaphysical issues like kundalini activation, crop circles, spiritual and angelic healing and UFO contact experiences. He also co-produced for five years at the Meta Center along with its owner, Jodi Serota, The Spiritual Film Festival of New York.

With a bachelor’s degree in English Literature, and a minor in filmmaking from SUNY Buffalo, along with a Master’s Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and a New York state licensed acupuncturist, his drive for multi-cultural pursuits is reflected in an insatiable quest to eclipse antiquated beliefs through boundless intellectual rigor and creative fervor.  A testament to Alan’s unbridled curiosity is his current illumination of meaning and wisdom in the realms of the arts, creativity, the depths of consciousness, remote viewing, UFO phenomena, and the evolving landscapes of modern spirituality. He shines as a beacon of light illuminating the path so others on the quest for self-discovery can discover a world rich with possibility and wonder.

His tireless pursuits, from aesthetics to the mystical, demonstrate how the external voyage of the mind compliments the inner odyssey of the soul. The fusion of exploration with introspection is the crucible in which the promise of a greater age is forged. This way all can partake in a transformative journey, unlocking the celestial secrets woven into the very fabric of our cosmic tapestry. His ongoing legacy is dedicated to a grand vision of emergence.  He feels from reshaping perceptions into new realities a profound epoch will arrive – a time he calls: “The Flowering of Humanity.” The new era will lead to a collective synergistic epiphany that persistent and dedicated inquiry can decode the enigmas of creation. This will deliver a nurturing comprehension ensuring a collective sense that each of us are interconnected to all existence.

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