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Video Transcript – New Thinking Allowed with Jeffrey Mishlove

Recorded on April 3, 2023
Published to YouTube on June 1, 2023

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(0:42) EV: Hello and welcome. I’m Emmy Vadnais, CoHost with Jeffrey Mishlove. Our topic today is contact with aliens. My guest is Alan Steinfeld, who is host and producer of New Realities on New York City Cable and New Realities on his YouTube channel. He has produced two feature-length  documentary films on UFOs: The Hidden Hand and Calling All Earthlings. He is a board member of the Friends of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, and he has taught thousands of people remote viewing as shown to him by Russell Targ. He is also a licensed acupuncturist. For the past several years, he has been one of the main emcees at the largest UFO gathering in the world, Contact in the Desert, near Palm Springs, California. He is author of Careers in Alternative Medicine, and he is a contributor and curator of a collection of essays in Making Contact: Preparing for the New Realities of Extraterrestrial Existence. Alan is located out of New York City. Welcome Alan. It is such a joy to have you with me today on New Thinking Allowed.

(2:07) AS: It’s so exciting to be here because Thinking Allowed with Jeffrey Mishlove has been a huge influence on everything I’ve been doing as a media person. Jeffrey did it in the 1980s and I watched those programs, and I said, “I want to talk to people who have the ability to think outside the box,” and that was one of my inspirations.

(2:34) EV: We’re so happy to have you. He is truly an inspiration, and it’s fun to hear that he’s inspired you. You’ve done so much in this area as well. In particular, you have had your own alien or UFO or UAP contact that has led you into these realms of alien contact?

(2:57) AS: Yeah, but even before the contact I had—I’ll talk about what that was—I was always obsessed with space, with the stars, with something beyond this world. I never felt like I really fit into my family. Very nice people, for the most part. Very nice people, and they were just into regular things, which is fine, watching the baseball game, doing this, going out to barbecue, all the things that modern America is all about. I wasn’t interested in that. Maybe it’s just me and team sports, I like individual sports. So, I felt like a sort of outsider, which is okay. I was always interested in knowledge for knowledge’s sake, that’s one way of putting it. I wanted to know about the nature of existence.

(3:57) I would look up at the stars and ask people, what are those things, and no one seemed to care. I thought, well, there are things out there I want to know about. Not just my family, but most people’s worlds—and it’s not really a judgment—they live in a very small container of possibilities and world views. I’m always trying to push the envelope of discovery, of what’s possible, of new ideas. That is the most exciting thing to me, a new idea, and embracing the new. My program on public access was called New Realities, and it’s now all over YouTube, so that’s been my search. What is the new unknown awareness?

(4:52) EV: Well, we certainly seem to be a part of something larger than ourselves, and maybe it is in fact ourselves.

(5:00) AS: Good point. We’re at this threshold of something unknown revealing itself. The UFO/UAP situation—I’ll explain the difference—is a turning point in human history, and as I say in my book, it’s not so much about what’s out there, it’s who we are. So, your response is about there’s more to the human being. That’s why it’s so frustrating for me to see people have a very small view of reality, because it’s so infinite, it’s so unknown, it’s so full of possibilities, that that’s where the excitement lies. Most people’s windows on the world are through their little box on their television, and it’s filtered through other people’s perceptions of—and in a way, it’s a mind control—what they are supposed to see. I say, we have this incredible technology inside of us, this great facility to tap into the unknown, to be creative, to be a non-local consciousness, to actually communicate with beings beyond this realm, inter-dimensional, ghosts, whatever you want to call non-physical beings. There’s so much richness to the human drive, to the human input, that people are distracted, people are taught to live in a very small world. I was never satisfied with that.

(6:43) Henry David Thoreau said, “Most people live lives of quiet desperation.” When I see that, it’s a desperation because they’ve never been taught that there’s more to themselves, there’s more to the world, and there’s a greater reality that is awaiting our understanding of what’s possible.

(7:04) EV: Do you think your awareness of and desire for something greater led to your own alien contact or experience?

(7:14) AS: I don’t actually think it led to it. I have a whole theory about how we’re all actually from the stars. I think I was aware of some other level of reality, and I was sort of shocked by my own contact, but I was open to this bigger sense of the world. So I don’t think it led to it. It’s somehow connected, but I think it’s always been a part of me, that bigger picture. I have to say, having that kind of contact was surprising. It’s something I thought about, something I thought was possible, but when it actually happened, I have to say I was a little freaked out because it was a classical abduction. Not so classical. A lot of people’s experiences are a lot more involved than mine, but it was enough to say, this is really what I want to pursue. There’s a mystery here. I want to understand what happened to me, and what’s happened to probably hundreds of thousands of people.

(8:38) Jeffrey has had great people on the show: John Mack, Jacques Vallée, I’m sure Whitley Strieber’s been on the show. But no one has the whole truth. No one really understands the phenomena. I’m not saying I do, but I wrote my book from multiple perspectives, asking different experts in the field to contribute, like Linda Moulton Howe, Whitley Strieber, and an unpublished essay by John Mack, all giving a different perspective. We need other ways of understanding the phenomena that transcends the logical, linear worldviews that basically most of us are locked into, or trained to develop. We have to think differently to understand a different reality, and that’s in a way what is so exciting, even though part of it is a little shocking, and maybe even traumatizing to the personality.

(9:44) EV: We would love to hear your story.

(9:48) AS: Mine is very, I wouldn’t say mundane, but I was just driving cross-country with a girlfriend from the West Coast to the East Coast. We were driving for a long time, maybe 12 hours, these long cross-country trips on Route 80 that go from the Golden Gate Bridge to the George Washington Bridge, just pretty much a straight road. So, we’re driving, we got to western Nebraska, we pulled off the road because we were tired, and we just went to sleep, we just sort of passed out. In the morning, I felt something weird, it felt creepy in that place, it felt like there was a strange sense of reality. One more thing, we woke up in the same position, me and my girlfriend both. We remember it to this day, it was 30 years ago. We woke up in the same position we fell asleep in, as if there was a—I say it in my book—a time mold was made of one frame, and we were taken out, and there was another sense of reality happening, and we were brought back into the same frame that we were taken out of, even though all this time had elapsed.

(11:05) It wasn’t quite missing time. It was a sense of no missing time, yet something had happened. Maybe if we had looked at a clock, but we were sleeping. It was a strange sense of reality that happened. But that wasn’t the odd thing. The odd thing was when I got back to New York, someone noticed this mark on the back of my leg, this four-prong puncture mark. I didn’t know what that was, although I thought at that moment [about] that night that we had slept in western Nebraska, it was three days or four days later, and I thought back that something may have happened there, but I said, nah.

(11:49) Coincidentally, I started to meet a lot of people involved with Budd Hopkins’ Intruders Foundation. I asked one of them, “What do you think this is?” She said, “Oh, that’s an abduction mark.” It just kind of freaked me out, because I didn’t really remember an abduction, I just remembered that weird sense of a time shift. It does two things when you find out you’ve had these experiences. It generates a little aversion, obsession response. I think that’s one response to trauma, the, “I’m freaked out, and I want to know everything about this.” That’s typical of trauma. So, there is a trauma and that’s part of what I think full-on contact has yet to be made because of the trauma to the personality that people go through.

(12:46) EV: What have you discovered since that time about that experience?

(12:52) AS: As Grant Cameron says in my book, it pulled me down the rabbit hole. I was interested in this stuff and I was open to it, but it happened. Then it’s like, I want to know everything I can possibly know about the UFO, UAP, ETH, extraterrestrial hypothesis, phenomena, because it’s a real mystery. It’s probably the most challenging intellectual mystery. It’s sort of intellectual, but there’s something about it, and there’s the smartest people I know involved in this research because it really doesn’t have an answer. Problems can be solved, and there are solutions, but for this all the pieces have yet to be put in place.

(13:46) So, it was a challenge and a pursuit and an obsession. I went to all the conferences, got hundreds of books on the topic, met the people, which is why I was able to put together this collection of essays because, [when] you go to enough conferences, you go to lunch, you hang out, you become friends, and then you call them up and say, “Hey, I’m putting together this book, you want to write an essay?” Everyone was very helpful.

(14:14) What have I learned? I learned that the more we pursue the mystery—I mean, it’s not new—the more that the mystery exists. There’s something bigger about the human being. Maybe that’s the reason these ships and beings come in and out of this level of reality, to show us, to hint to us that there’s something more to who we are, because it does stimulate that level of awareness. It activates: what’s really going on here? I think that’s one of the reasons the government doesn’t want to come forward, because they don’t have an answer for what’s going on here. They don’t know. They’re only interested in weapons and technologies, but there’s something about consciousness, and maybe non-local consciousness, which we can get into on the next program, that is so key to the phenomenon. This is my sense of it.

(15:23) EV: Do you want to share a little bit about your awareness of the non-local consciousness and why it’s so key?

(15:28) AS: I think, and this is my whole theory, that we’re different than the other animals on the planet. We’re living in an animal body, it eats, it sleeps, it breathes. This is the animal [shows hands]. But the mind, the level of awareness, is not what animals are like. Yes, dogs are loving, cats connect with you, but they don’t build houses and decorate them and make art and wear clothes. There’s something fundamentally different, and I don’t think it’s just about the evolution of culture and society. I think we come in—this is my radical theory—we are the extraterrestrial. We are not from this planet. We are from someplace else. Maybe we’re from the non-local reality. I believe in evolution, but I don’t believe that this consciousness, this thing that we are, that we think evolved from the protoplasm in warm pools that were struck by lightning and started to replicate itself.

(16:39) I think we descended into form, because how else do you explain near-death experiences or the ability to remote view? There’s something about consciousness that we are that is not confined to the body. Your brain, which is the hardware, is more like a radio receiver. If you open up the radio you’re not going to find the musicians inside there. I think this brain that contains the consciousness, which maybe is surrounded by the consciousness, is the most incredible piece of biotech we can ever develop. It is picking up the signal on a soul level of who we really are.

(17:33) I think this is one of the ways we can start to make contact with these other beings, by realizing our equipment, our facility is on par with these other beings. They may be smarter, they may have greater technology, but the essence of the soul, which is who we are basically, is as great as any of the beings we may encounter out there. When we know we’re on equal footing with these other beings there’s nothing to fear about them. They’re different, their vibration is different. I think if we can prove non-local consciousness—and of course it’s been proven—then we realize who we really are.

(18:21) But the problem is—and this is something Terence McKenna said, and I know Jeffrey has interviewed Terence McKenna—is that culture is not your friend. We’ve been so conditioned and so dumbed down into a very limited world, and people see that all around us. They’ve identified with things instead of the bigger picture. They haven’t identified with the infinite consciousness that they are. I think we really can’t meet the extraterrestrials on the level they exist on, and of course there’s more than one, because my feeling is that they know they’re infinite, or have this capacity, or at least some of them do. We live in very small boxes. So part of what I want to do, and of course [New] Thinking Allowed does that, is to expand our worldview, to show we’re so much more than our conditioning, our politics, our media, our religion, our education, all those things have put us in boxes. When we start to realize that we’re infinite, we’ll be able to meet the others, as I call them, on an even playing field.

(19:41) EM: There are the others, and at the same time you say that we also are not of this planet. So where do you feel we’ve come from?

(19:51) AS: There’s an explicate order, as David Bohm said, which is the world we see, and there’s an implicate order which connects all of creation, and the visible and the non-visible, the seen and the unseen. We are from the infinite source of consciousness. We are a fractal of that infinite creation. That’s what is so desperately missing among a lot of people on Earth, the fact that they are separate from the infinite source of their being.

(20:30) Where do we come from? We came from, like that new movie that won the Academy Awards, Everything Everywhere All at Once. We’re from there. We’re from the infinite source of being. And yes, we take on human forms, we take on incarnational lives here—my feeling, on other planets, other star systems, other dimensions, other time frames. That’s the remarkable aspect of this non-local infinite consciousness, it becomes localized, or the illusion of localization, in order to play out experiences that the soul records as wisdom.

(21:16) We’re really incarnated into form from the infinite consciousness to extend the experience of the source. We are in these forms to extend the possibility of creation, the infinite expanded nature of existence. That’s not the answer to where we’re from, but it answers, for me, who we are: from everywhere, all at once.

(21:45) EV: Yeah. It definitely expands our awareness to possibilities.

(21:52) AS: The reason, if we’re from everywhere, if we’re from the source, the reason I feel—this is my explanation and understanding—we come into form to learn about how infinite we can be. Most people get trapped in emotionality, but the reason we’re at such a threshold of expansion with more UFOs appearing in our sky, more personal ET contact, is that we’re waking up to the fact that there’s greater experiences to be had. There’s more possibilities to be created, and that life can really be something joyful. It’s too bad most people don’t see that. They see only the limited parts. But we come into these forms to have experience, and the experience evolves our soul. The more experiences, the more varied experience, the more evolution to consciousness in general, and the more, I think, uplifting humanity can take as a whole.

(23:05) So, yes, evolve out of the limited dogmatic experiences that keep us trapped in the singularities of emotionality and start to explore the creative potential, which my teacher has said helps us make known the unknown, the real reason for incarnation. It is to have a job and family and all those things, but the real reason, I feel, and this is my belief, is to make known the unknown, to increase the potential of creative experience. When you are the creative essence, when you tap into that creativity, you not only have new experiences, but you’re able to share that with other people to give them new experiences. That is, I feel, the real essence of creativity and one of the reasons for this incarnational world.

(24:08) We’re at a threshold where these beings are stimulating new neural nets of perception so we can evolve our creative potential to the next level of joy, invention, and freedom. At least that’s the ideal, whether or not that goes out. That’s my optimistic perspective on what we’re really here for.

(24:40) EV: Yeah.

(24:41) AS: We’ve been so oppressed. We’ve been so dumbed down. We’ve been so enslaved in a sense to tyrants and systems and philosophies and religions that we haven’t really tapped not only this non-local consciousness, but the creative flow of the infinite through us that is here to give us this greater potential. Just achieving that level of society where everyone becomes the creator of their reality, of their art form, of their interactions with existence, that’s the level playing field. That’s where the level ground is that we start to evolve towards the true purpose of incarnation. It’s all the true purpose because it happened, and it is what it is. But the higher essence is to live in what some people call fifth dimensional reality where we’re all telepathic, we’re all living in joy. Joy is our basic aspect of being.

(25:59) EV: Essentially, you’re suggesting that these aliens, extraterrestrials, the others, ourselves, really give us the opportunity to recognize the infinite potential of who we are and how we can continue to expand in our own awareness, in our own creativity, joy, love. At the same time, it seems that that might also coexist with the universe expanding.

(26:30) AS: Exactly. Thank you for getting that part. Thank you for summing it up so well. I have to say on the other side of that, and I’m not really a conspiracy person, there are forces that want to keep us under lock and key, under control, in limitation. I think, though, at this moment in history, there’s a phase shift or a freeing of the constrictions, the movement out of the matrix, whatever you want to call that. We’re at this time where the potential… We see this in creative technologies, ChatGPT, and other forms. People talk about AI, but it’s humans creating this new aspect of being. I’m not into AI, like saying it’s awful. I say these are tools, like Marshall McLuhan said, to expand our senses. They’re not here to entrap us.

(27:40) But if we can use technology to make life easier and more joyful, then that’s what it’s here for. Of course, it can be obsessive. We get stuck looking at our cell phone for hours, and we don’t even remember what we looked at. That’s the downside and that’s been true of technology ever since… You know what the first technology was? It was fire. We could warm ourselves, cook our food, or we can burn our house down. There’s always a double-edged sword to technology. We have to be the ones that are rulers of the technology and we don’t let it control us. We control that. It’s that awareness.

(28:28) EV: Technology is a reflection of us.

(28:32) AS: Yes, on our negative and positive sides. But getting back to what you just said, yes, I think there are these forces that are lessening, that have been in control of the limited mind, these ETs now—and of course, there’s hundreds of different types of ETs—they’re waiting for us to grow up because the most popular pastime for humanity has been tribal warfare. Tribal warfare has been an ongoing pursuit. It doesn’t matter what country, what race, what religion, it’s all been about war. And we’re still seeing that. It’s not like we’re beyond that. So I think these beings are waiting for us to grow up, to mature, to own the divinity so we don’t worship them as gods, so we realize who we are, that we realize we’re equal to these others and that life is joyful. It can be. It can be full of possibilities, miracles, surprises.

(29:45) People fear the unknown. You know why? Because they’re projecting what they know onto the unknown. The unknown is full of infinite potential. Everything we have yet to think is in the pursuit of the unknown. So, I feel, the incarnational mission here is pushing the envelope of the known, accessing the unknown, creating more possibilities, expanding into infinite consciousness. The ETs represent one aspect that we’ve pushed away. Governments have buried it. They’ve lied about it. They’ve conspired about that. They’ve probably killed people because they didn’t want the secret out. But what’s the big secret?

(30:38) The big secret is that we have relatives out there that hold the keys to—well, doing away with corporate control—imagine if there’s free energy. We don’t need fossil fuels, if they ever were fossil fuels. Imagine having a little box in your house… I say this because obviously whatever is out there is not filling up their gas tank to get here. There is a source of energy that threatens the corporate control of energy. Most people are working for energy. They’re enslaved. They have a job so they can have enough heat for their house or water or grow their food. Imagine the freedom that we can get if we get a technology that is just a little box in your house and all your energy needs are right there. Would that change the world, Emmy?

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